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Remedy Tours is a body established to assist in getting medical treatment in the best clinics of Israel to people around the world. Combined with extensive touristic programme, our services make remedy a joy.
Remedy Tours offers several standard service packages, that include Wise Advise, Total Health and Full Board. You may choose any that suits your needs best. Push the buttons below to read detailed overviews; in general, Wise Advise offers you analysis of your medical record and online consultation with some of our very best specialists; Total Health is an exclusive (yet inexpensive) medical service in reputable clinics of Israel; Full Board, as the name suggests, offers along with medical services exclusive accommodation and extensive touristic programme. We work with every client individually so the basic programmes may be easily adapted to any life style and pocket.
In every case, we'll contact our affiliated charity foundation to have them analyse possibility to fund a part of your expenses.

Wise Advise Total Health Full Board

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