Prof. I. Vinograd
Pediatric Surgeon
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Head of the Advanced Pediatric Surgery Department

Professor in surgery, the Sackler Faculty of Medicine,

Tel-Aviv University

Prof. Vinograd graduated from the Tel-Aviv university and finished his general training in general surgery in Hadasah university hospital in Jerusalem and specialized in pediatric surgery in the Children Hospital of Philadelphia, USA (1980-1981).

In 1986 Prof. Vinograd was a surgical fellow in the Sick Children

Hospital in Toronto Canada.

Prof. Vinograd is head of the department of pediatric surgery since 1989 and Prof. in surgery , the Medical School of Tel-Aviv university. He was invited as a visiting professor to the university hospital of Los-Angeles (UCLA) in 1996, and university hospital in the children hospital of Seatle USA in 2000.

Prof. Vinograd is a member of the Israeli national council for surgery - the Ministry of Health of Israel.

Main professional activity

All different kind of congenital anomalies which include Gastric Intestinal anomalies, including Esophagus, Small Bowel, Large Bowel, Rectum and Anus.

He specifically specializes in congenital malformation of the Chest and Trachea.

Prof. Vinograd has a large experience in Laparoscopic Advanced Surgery, like Fundoplication, Cholecystectomy and Splenectomy. Pediatric Surgical Oncology Of Chest and Abdomen.

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